Hours of Operation  
Monday-Friday 8-4
March 16th will be our first Saturday opened 8-4



620 Ginghamsburg Rd. Tipp City OH 45371

This composting facility will only accept yard waste, wood waste, and hard fill.
WILL NOT accept hazardous waste, infectious waste, asbestos, batteries, or other prohibited materials.

All Waste needs to be source separated in these categories: 
  • Brush/Wood
  • Wood Chips 
  • Yard Waste-Grass/Leaves/Flowers etc. (no wood)
  • Dirt
  • Concrete

These all go in different dump zones so they must be separated or you will be charged an additional sorting fee to dump!

If your load is dumped and not source separated you will be charged a dump fee on same rate as hard fill, based upon size of your load. If there is evidence of any solid waste you will be charged a cleanup fee @ $75.00 per hour, and cost of disposing of solid waste, this includes candy wrappers and plastic bottles.  This is an Ohio E.P.A regulation.
Dumping Guide lines
We Accept Yard Waste, Wood Waste, and Hard Fill.
You Must Check In Before Dumping! No Exceptions! This Is a Guideline of the Ohio E.P.A.

All loads (of green waste) must be source separated and will be charged an E.P.A Compliance Charge as follows:

Pricing for Yard Waste Dumping

1. Brush consisting of branches and wood.
  • $3.00   Car full & short bed pickup truck. 
  • $5.00   Pickup truck 
  • $5.00 Single axle dump trucks and dump trailers. 
  • $35.00 Tandem & Multiple axle trucks.

2. Yard waste which is waste from gardens, flower beds, perennial cut offs, leaves,and grass clippings.
  • $3.00   Car full & short bed pickup truck 
  • $5.00   Pickup truck
  • $5.00 Single axle dump/2 axle dump trailer 
  • $35.00 Tandem & Multiple axle truck 

3. Stumps and root balls and un-separated green waste.
  • $15.00  Car full & short bed pickup truck
  • $25.00  Pickup truck 
  • $40.00  Single axle dumps and dump trailers 
  • $75.00  Tandem and Tri axle axle trucks 
  • $75.00  4 or more axle truck

4. Bed edgings , sod, topsoil (topsoil load is at our discretion if it has any rocks it is charged hard fill rate for dumping). 
  • Free  

5. Wood chips
  • Free

MIX LOAD will be charged a minimum of $75.00

Which means a load that contains of combination materials such as dirt and brush, dirt and leaves, brush and leaves, dirt has to be completely separated or considered a mixed load (our machines take separate materials and some materials cause damage to machine.)

Pricing for Hard Fill Dumping
Hard fill consist of rocks, dirt, asphalt, concrete, bricks,tile. If there is any solid waste in it you will be fined for clean-up fee at $75.00 per hour and cost of disposal of waste.
  • $20 Pickup and single axle trailers
  • $25 Single axle dump trucks and Dump Trailers up to 16 FT.
  • $35 Tandem and Tri axle   
  • $40 Quad axle
  • $45 Semi dump trailers

We are currently accepting asphalt grindings at no charge.